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Rotating Windmill Interactive Cat Toy With Catnip Ball & LED Ball

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Cat lovers rejoice! This rotating windmill interactive cat toy with catnip and the LED ball is an interesting twist on a fun product. The best part is that it has suction cups to mount to any wall for your convenience.


ROTATABLE WINDMILL DESIGN: Our interactive cat toy is a rotatable windmill that has transparent bins on the blades. You can place light balls, bells, and mint inside for cats to play with. When the windmill is gently moved, it will rotate and attracts cats' attention.

SAFE AND SOFT MATERIAL: Our cat toy is made of eco-friendly silicone. With this gentle material, you won’t have to worry about hurting your kitty as it ensures gentle massaging and grooming of the cat’s fur without pain.

SCRATCHING AND TICKLE HAIR BRUSH: With a hair and face rubbing device in the middle, this rotating windmill cat toy is both self-grooming and comforting.

RELIEVE ANXIETY: Each package of this toy comes with one glow ball and two balls filled with catnip, to attract your kitty's attention. This toy will help to relieve the cat’s anxiety.


1 x Windmill Interactive Cat Toy 
1 x LED Light Ball
2 x Catnip Ball


Customer Reviews

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Antonio Rowe

Rotating Windmill Interactive Cat Toy With Catnip Ball & LED Ball

Ubaldo Olson

Great but cat not interested. The flashing ball doesn't seem to work. Let's see later. Cool but cat not impressed