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Interactive Chasing Cat Toy With Catnip Ball

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INTERACTIVE - The Interactive Chasing Cat Toy features an interactive cat ball on top of the product that can be shaken back and forth or rotated by itself to attract the cat’s attention. 

UNIQUE DESIGN - The bottom of the toy is designed with a weight, so the toy will not fall. When the weight moves back and forth, the two balance wheels will also move back and forth to attract interest in the cat.

TWO PLAY FUNCTION - When the toy is erect position, it can swing back and forth. But when it is placed horizontally, it rotates like a turntable. This attracts the attention of cats and makes them want to play with it. 

CATNIP BALL - This toy includes a high-content catnip ball that will attract your cat's attention and motivate it to play. It improves the probability of hairball discharge through playing.

NON-TOXIC - This toy is made from food-grade ABS, which is a material that is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and durable. It can be used for more than one cat at a time so they can learn how to play while having fun with each other.

TRAINING - This toy will encourage cats to play for long periods of time. However, the product should be played for no more than 20-30 minutes at a time.

RELIEVE ANXIETY - The Interactive Cat Toy can be baited by the cat alone, or you and your cat can play together. This toy is an effective alternative to destructive behavior on furniture and clothing that other types of toys cannot substitute for.

No batteries or charging used at all just when the cat taps at it or touches it the toy rolls. It's on a rolling wheel.


1 x Interactive Chasing Cat Toy With Catnip Ball 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
June Mertz

I don’t usually give my cat catnip. I could see the change in her breathing right away. It’s strong. She’s a very lazy cat and has interest for maybe 4 minutes before just laying with the toy. She likes it. I make sure to take it away and entertain her until she’s calm again after the drug.

Celestine Wilkinson

Both of my cats LOVE this toy!

Harvey Thompson

кошкам нравится.

Frankie Orn

The toy is very interesting of course, my cat really liked. But khrupenkaya in my opinion. Let's hope that the cat will deal with it not in one day

Adolphus Robel

accurate and cute thank you! lovely