2-Way Pet Hair Roller Lint Cleaning Brush
2-Way Pet Hair Roller Lint Cleaning Brush
2-Way Pet Hair Roller Lint Cleaning Brush
2-Way Pet Hair Roller Lint Cleaning Brush


2-Way Pet Hair Roller Lint Cleaning Brush

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1. This product can remove pet hair from the furniture but cannot remove the hairball.

2. It has a wide application, such as the sofa, carpet, bed or other furniture.

3. One hand to operate, saving much time and effort, easily and conveniently.

4. The 2-way design has higher efficiency.

5. Adopting the high-quality material, this product has a long service life and easy to clean.


Item Type:Per Hair Remover
Color:As the picture
Package Include: 1 x pet hair remover 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Megane Cassin
Great Product (Least Expensive Version I've Found)

When they arrived, I discovered they are the exact same product as per the description. Save yourself a few bucks and buy this one from this store. The product is of good quality with less price as compared to others in the market.
I love the product. I use lots of the mega-size sticky rollers and this new tool is now taking the place of about 80% of that product use cases.

Mitchel Dooley
This Roller Picks Up Everything & It's Very Easy To Clean.

This roller picks up everything and it's very easy to clean. The pictures are from rolling over my grey couch cover. I have a gray cat and a black cat, so I didn't notice stray fur on it but seeing the contents really surprised me. To empty it, press the button on the handle to open the lid, and dump the contents in a trash can. Amazing product.

Sarah Smith
Best Pet Hair Remover!

This is the BEST thing since sliced bread, for pet hair removal. It’s so easy to use, and you don’t have to stop and clean it before you finish one area, which is so nice!
I’m not a paid customer, nor did I get this for free to try it. I am a pure customer, and loved it so much I just had to share!!

Jarred Kunde
Excellent Product!

It's soo good that I will order a second one. I ordered for my mum's cat and after seeing how easily it removes the hair (even from the long hair carpet). I am gonna order for my dog. I loved the quality of the product.

Greyson Christiansen
A Wonder!

My dog sleeps in my bed with me and couldn't find a way to remove his hair from the blankets. Shaking alone is not an option and I thought the vacuum cleaner did a good job until I met this roller. Just using it once is the way in which it collects dog hairs, human hair, and lint. Now, I use the roller on daily basis and the vacuum cleaner only once a week. Completely recommended.